Mass Casualty Incident

Mass Casualty Incident

Deja Vu Mass Casualty Incident CBRN

Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Management in Virtual Reality (VR): Development and Usability of an Instructorless MCI Training Scenario in VR

Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC), Tacoma, WA, teamed up with Exonicus to tackle a critical challenge in military medicine.


How do you prepare military medics for the rigors of forward deployments? The answer lies in an innovative, cost-effective, and accessible solution.

The Problem

At the core of this partnership are three key challenges:

Furthermore, any solution must be practical, cost-effective, and scalable across the Military Health System.

The Innovative Solution

The problem at hand is that traditional high-fidelity medical simulation training is prohibitively expensive and resource-intensive, often unsuitable for forward deployed locations. However, we have a game-changing solution. By harnessing immersive virtual reality (IVR) technology, we are revolutionizing medical simulations. For less than $2000, our solution offers an accessible, offline-ready setup.

To test this solution, we chose a mass casualty scenario – one of the most demanding situations for medical professionals. With Exonicus' immersive technology, we can replicate realistic deployment environments, add combat stressors, and make it available in resource-limited settings.

Why Exonicus?

The Final Product

Imagine this scenario: you're in a medical tent with a helicopter in the background. The environment is chaotic as patients with various injuries arrive, all while a loud chopper hums in the background. You must make critical decisions to save lives, weighing the importance of each patient.

In this mass casualty scenario, you'll face various injuries such as burns, head trauma, limb amputations, and airway blockages – all mirroring real-life conditions. Speed is of the essence, forcing you to split your attention among multiple patients and make quick decisions. This realistic time pressure prepares physicians for real-life mass casualty events.

Exonicus' technology provides instant feedback, with real-time updates on patients' conditions as you apply treatments. This immersive experience fosters better learning, as you see how your actions impact the patients. Post-scenario, a detailed scorecard tracks your performance and provides specific feedback, enabling self-assessment.

A Solution Ready for Today

Our solution is ready for today after years of rigorous testing, research, and human trials. Collaborations with Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Digital Health Cluster Latvia, and Rīga Stradiņš University validate the efficacy of computer-generated simulations in medical education. Real-world testing environments and adaptive feedback ensure that our solution is battle-tested and effective.

If you seek a cutting-edge, readily available solution for medical simulation training, Exonicus is here for you. Our extensive experience with high-fidelity, virtual reality-based medical simulations can unlock the potential of medical providers across the healthcare system. Let's partner and transform medical training for the better.

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