Product Overview

Product Overview

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At the core of all our offerings lies the Exonicus Trauma Simulator™. Powered by dynamic physiology engines, it can be seamlessly utilized in Virtual Reality or on a PC. Unlike conventional solutions that rely on instructors, internet connectivity, and specific hardware, the Exonicus Trauma Simulator™ sets itself apart, providing medical professionals with the freedom to train whenever and wherever they choose, free from these constraints.

Physiology Engine driven

Our fully integrated physiology engine delivers real-time patient vital sign responses with audio, visual, and physiological feedback based on actual trauma situational challenges. It provides realistic physiological responsive simulations and decision training without the need for an instructor. Exonicus Trauma Simulator™ is the only medical simulator on the market that offers real-time feedback on patients' physiology, responding to users' actions and medications accurately. We collaborate with multiple validated physiology engines.


When connected to the internet, the simulator unlocks a unique multiplayer feature, enabling collaborative learning among dispersed trauma teams.

Case Builder

Thanks to our Case Builder tool, simulations can be seamlessly customized by instructors to address specific training requirements, ensuring adaptability and easy content modification. It consists of various modules, including virtual environments and zones, virtual patients, virtual objects/medical devices required for trauma care, injury modules with physiology engine connections, procedure mechanics, grading, and other supporting systems. Additionally, multiple pre-built cases, supported by peer review and research, are available for immediate use.

Grading and Feedback

Exonicus guarantees precise grading for every simulation session, assessing over 500 actions. Users have the option to export their learning results to their preferred Learning Management System or utilize Exonicus' platform.


However, we don't stop at software alone. We offer a comprehensive training ecosystem. Our simulations are adaptable and compatible with PC, AR, VR, and Mixed Reality, and can seamlessly integrate with manikins, creating a cohesive and immersive training experience.


The Exonicus system enables proprietary environments that encompass diverse settings, such as a desert in the Middle East, a Role 1 environment in rural Eastern Europe, a medical treatment facility in an Arctic or winter environment, or even third-party environments like an Eastern European forest for convoy scenario simulation in Tactical Combat Casualty Care training. Users can configure and set up specific environments to meet the requirements of their training scenarios, fostering effective medical training in a variety of operational contexts.


We offer over 300 integrated objects, including not only digital twins of treatment areas but also digital copies of the equipment needed for medical professionals. The Exonicus Trauma Simulator™ is compact, fitting inside a backpack and working without traditional simulation equipment. Training with digital tools and equipment allows for considerable savings on medical supplies for situations when they are needed most.

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