Consultancy & Customizations

Although the Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM is our flagship product, Exonicus provides consultancy support and customizable products based upon each client’s specifications and needs, in collaboration with world-class research organizations and medical institutions.

As the creation of the Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM and work on various projects demonstrates, Exonicus is highly capable of creating educational tools that simulate common and uncommon experiences of civilian and military personnel. These tools leverage state-of-the-art technologies to provide high-definition, tailor-made simulators for an array of applications.

Exonicus offers full technical support and collaboration opportunities to organizations worldwide, allowing clients to expand their project scope and quality exponentially. With experience working with various partners, Exonicus is sure to accommodate projects, combining technical and medical fields.

By combining medical know-how and technological expertise, our on-staff technical experts are ready and capable of providing dependable and high-quality consultancy for the development of customized learning software for private and public sector organizations.

To inquire about cooperation or consultancy opportunities, contact us.