Formed in 2013, Exonicus was founded by the creators and authors of a highly acclaimed, award winning books featuring high resolution drawings of the human anatomy, “Anatomy For Sculptors, Understanding the Human Figure” and “Anatomy of Facial Expressions”.

Both publications rapidly gained notoriety for their realism, accuracy, and quality and were often cited as expert renditions by medical schools, professional educators and by Hollywood’s leading animation and film studios.

In 2015, as the development of virtual reality headsets and early iterations of the metaverse were gaining the attention of the Exonicus team and the team soon embarked on developing plans to adapt its high-resolution drawings of the human anatomy into a full-motion, virtual simulation software.

In 2017, Exonicus started collaborating with Madigan Army Medical Center, with Exonicus leading the development of a newly conceived trauma simulation training software product for use by the U.S. Army.  Exonicus was the subject matter expert, and software developer by virtue of its successful track record gained from its work with human anatomy sculpturing, authorship, and book publishing successes.

With Madigan as its research partner, Exonicus created a trauma simulator for training military medical personnel to apply life-saving medical intervention techniques within a virtual emergency room type environment.  The result of this collaboration produced our flagship product known as the Exonicus Trauma Simulator™.

In recent years, Exonicus, in collaboration with industry partners Aditerna and VR LAB, are also working on a project named VireTS, using their previous experience of creating medical simulation environments to create an easily integrable simulator for various institutions across Europe.

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