Case Builder

Exonicus Scenario BuilderTM is designed as a tool to allow instructors to modify existing Exonicus training scenarios or create a new one from scratch. It consists of modules that include virtual environments and zones, virtual patient, virtual objects, medical devices required for care of a trauma patient, injury modules with physiology engine connections, procedure mechanics, grading and other supporting systems.

All the injury modules mentioned below are fully functional and ready to be used to enhance medical training. Either by customizing and creating custom scenarios or using pre-existing conditions, Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM provides an immersive experience of simulated emergency medical procedures.

Currently Available Injury Modules:

  •         Internal Hemorrhage
  •         External Hemorrhage
  •         Airway Obstruction
  •         Tension Pneumothorax
  •         Traumatic Brain Injury
  •         Burn
Mass Casualty Incident
Prolonged Field Care
  •          Sarin Gas
  •          Synthetic Opioid Exposure
  •          Radiation
  •          Ebola
Cardiac Arrhythmia Capable


Allowing multiple users to practice their medical decision making simultaneously, Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM allows medical professionals to learn trauma management in a co-operative manner.

Physiology Engine

Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM is the only medical simulator on the market that provides more than one real-time feedback of patients’ physiology, responding to users’ actions and medications in a realistic manner.

This feature’s inclusion allows the training to assume a real-life quality, as the patients’ physiology is impacted by factors like the patients’ build, the severity of the injuries, and the actions (or inactions) of the user. This allows for increased possibilities for education and preparedness of the users, allowing them to recognize and learn realistic outcomes to various actions.

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